Miscellaneous, JScript, Options Dialog Box
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Miscellaneous, JScript, Options Dialog Box

These settings enable you to set preferences for how the editor handles miscellaneous tasks such as JScript syntax errors. In previous versions, these options were available under HTML options.

To access this dialog box

  1. In Visual Web Developer, click Tools, and then click Options.

    The Options dialog box opens.

  2. In the left panel, double-click or expand the Text Editor node, expand the JScript node, and then click Miscellaneous.


    If you have configured your environment settings for Web development, this node is not available unless you select the Show all settings check box. For more information about environment settings, see How to: Change Select Settings.


Show syntax errors

When this check box is not selected, the editor does not show any syntax errors. This is useful if you are working with code that is not yours and you do not intend to fix syntax errors.

When this check box is selected, you have the option to select the Show errors as warning check box.

Show errors as warning

When this check box is selected, JScript errors are underlined with red wavy lines.

Statement completion

Only use Tab or Enter to commit

When this check box is selected, the editor applies syntax checking (if it is enabled) only after Tab or Enter is pressed.

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