This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Work Item Only View (Team System Web Access)

Team System Web Access provides a work item only view that restricts functionality so that you can create and view only your own work items. This view is designed to facilitate working with Team Foundation Server when you do not have a client access license (CAL). You do not need a CAL to create new work items or to view and update work items that you created. The work item only view restricts functionality so that you are in compliance with this aspect of the Team Foundation Server end user license agreement. For more information, see Visual Studio Team System 2008 Licensing White Paper.

To access the work item only view, use the following URL syntax:


Where Server is the name of the computer that is running Team System Web Access.


You may have to provide your credentials when you use this URL. For more information, see How to: Connect to Team Foundation Server through Team System Web Access

The following are common tasks that you can perform when you view only work items in Team System Web Access:

To add work items to a project

  1. Click the New Work Item arrow, and then click an item on the All Work Item Types menu, such as Bug, Task, or Scenario.

  2. In the new work item, enter appropriate information for each field. Fields with invalid data display a yellow background.


    A caution icon appears on any tab that contains values that violate validation rules. You must correct the information before you can save changes.

  3. Click Save & Close.

To search for a work item by ID number

  1. In Team System Web Access, in the Work Item# box, type the ID number of the work item for which you want to view details.

  2. Click Go.

To access team projects on a Team Foundation Server

  • In Team System Web Access, click the arrow next to Project, and then click the project in the list that you want to access.

To customize the Team System Web Access Project list

  1. In Team System Web Access, click the arrow next to Project, and then click <Select Projects> in the list.

    The Selected Projects page displays a list of team projects available on the Team Foundation server.

  2. On the Selected Projects page, select the check box next to one or more projects. If you want all projects on the server to appear in the Project list, you can select Select all projects.

  3. Click Save.