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Determines whether a specified point is near the dock site.

BOOL IsPointNearDockSite(
   CPoint point,
   DWORD& dwBarAlignment,
   BOOL& bOuterEdge
) const;

[in] point

The specified point in screen coordinates.

[in] dwBarAlignment

Specifies which edge the point is near. Possible values are CBRS_ALIGN_LEFT, CBRS_ALIGN_RIGHT, CBRS_ALIGN_TOP, and CBRS_ALIGN_BOTTOM

[in] bOuterEdge

TRUE if the point is near the outer border of the dock site; FALSE otherwise.

TRUE if the point is near the dock site; otherwise FALSE.

The point is near the dock site when it is within the sensitivity set in the docking manager. The default sensitivity is 15 pixels.

Header: afxmdiframewndex.h

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