This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


This topic is included for completeness. For more detail see the source code located in the VC\atlmfc\src\mfc folder of your Visual Studio installation.

virtual void GetTabFrameColors(
   const CMFCBaseTabCtrl* pTabWnd,
   COLORREF& clrDark,
   COLORREF& clrBlack,
   COLORREF& clrHighlight,
   COLORREF& clrFace,
   COLORREF& clrDarkShadow,
   COLORREF& clrLight,
   CBrush*& pbrFace,
   CBrush*& pbrBlack

[in] pTabWnd


[in] clrDark


[in] clrBlack


[in] clrHighlight


[in] clrFace


[in] clrDarkShadow


[in] clrLight


[in] pbrFace


[in] pbrBlack


Header: afxvisualmanagervs2005.h