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Calls the OnUpdateCmdUI member function in each of the CMFCRibbonPanel elements of the CMFCRibbonCategory to enable or disable the user-interface elements in them.

virtual void OnUpdateCmdUI(
   CMFCRibbonCmdUI* pCmdUI,
   CFrameWnd* pTarget,
   BOOL bDisableIfNoHndler

[in] pCmdUI

Pointer to the CMFCRibbonCmdUI object that specifies which user-interface elements are to be enabled and which are to be disabled.

[in] pTarget

Pointer to the window that controls the enabling or disabling of the user-interface elements.

[in] bDisableIfNoHndler

TRUE to disable the user-interface item if no handler is defined in a message map; otherwise, FALSE.

Header: afxribboncategory.h

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