This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Repositions toolbar buttons within the given dimensions.

int WrapToolBar(
   int nWidth,
   int nHeight = 32767,
   CDC* pDC = NULL,
   int nColumnWidth = -1,
   int nRowHeight = -1

[in] nWidth

Maximum width of the toolbar.

[in] nHeight

Maximum height of the toolbar. Not used if the toolbar is floating.

[in] pDC

Pointer to a device context. If NULL, the device context for the toolbar is used.

[in] nColumnWidth

Button width. If -1, the current width is used.

[in] mnRowHeight

Button height. If -1, the current height is used.

The number of rows of buttons on the toolbar.

This method repositions buttons within the toolbar, wrapping buttons to additional rows if necessary.

Header: afxtoolbar.h