DataServiceContext.SaveChanges Method (SaveChangesOptions)


Saves the changes that the DataServiceContext is tracking to storage.

Namespace:   System.Data.Services.Client
Assembly:  System.Data.Services.Client (in System.Data.Services.Client.dll)

public DataServiceResponse SaveChanges(
	SaveChangesOptions options


Type: System.Data.Services.Client.SaveChangesOptions

A member of the MergeOption enumeration that specifies the materialization option.

Return Value

Type: System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceResponse

A DataServiceResponse that contains status, headers, and errors that result from the call to SaveChanges.

Operations are sent to the data service in the following order

  1. DeleteLink

  2. DeleteObject

  3. UpdateObject

  4. AddObject

  5. SetLink and AddLink

.NET Framework
Available since 3.5
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