InPlaceHostingManager.AssertApplicationRequirements Method (Boolean)


Determines whether the ClickOnce application has the appropriate permissions and platform dependencies to run on the local computer.

Namespace:   System.Deployment.Application
Assembly:  System.Deployment (in System.Deployment.dll)

public void AssertApplicationRequirements(
	bool grantApplicationTrust


Type: System.Boolean

If true, the application will attempt to elevate its permissions to the required level.

If grantApplicationTrust is true, InPlaceHostingManager will grant the application elevated permissions if it requires them. This is only possible if InPlaceHostingManager is able to grant those permissions. For example, if a ClickOnce application is being installed as part of a larger package and the installer has been granted full trust, InPlaceHostingManager will be able to grant the ClickOnce application full trust. If grantApplicationTrust is false, the application will not be granted any permissions.

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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