Deep Zoom Schema Reference


The reference documents in this section describe the schema used by the Deep Zoom file format.

Collection Element

The root element when defining a collection of images for Deep Zoom.

DisplayRects Element

Contains DisplayRect elements that describe all available pixels.

DisplayRect Element

Contains Rect elements that define the rectangle to be displayed.

Image Element

The root element when defining a single image for Deep Zoom.

Items Element

Contains the items in the collection.

I Element

Defines an image in the collection.

Rect Element

Defines the rectangle to be displayed.

Size Element

Defines the size of the image in pixels.

Viewport Element

Defines the location of the image in the viewport.

Deep Zoom

Introduces Deep Zoom and describes scenarios for its use in Silverlight.

Deep Zoom Schema Download

Provides a link to a downloadable copy of the Deep Zoom schema file (.xsd).

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