Adding Drillthrough Reports

Use drillthrough reports to enable a user to view a main report and drill through to details or other related data by clicking a link. The drillthrough report is the report that opens when the user clicks the link in the main report. For example, a sales order summary report might list all the sales orders for a sales person, and when each sales order number might link to a report that shows the details of that order.

Drillthrough reports can be used when related data is unchanging or changes slowly. The data for the detail report is not retrieved until the user clicks the link that opens the report. If the data for the main report and the detail report must be retrieved at the same time, consider using a drilldown report or a subreport. For more information, see Types of Reports and Hiding Report Items Conditionally.

Drillthrough reports typically have report parameters that specify which report data to display. For example, when you click a sales order number in a main report, a drillthrough report opens, which accepts the sales order number as a parameter, and then displays all the data for that sales order. When you create the link in the main report, you must specify values to pass as parameters to the drillthrough report.

A drillthrough action link in the main report can be created as a report action or a URL action.

For a report action, the drillthrough report must exist on the same report server as the main report. For a URL action, the report must exist at the fully-qualified URL location. If the report server is configured in SharePoint integrated mode, only URL actions are supported. In all cases, the user must be granted permissions on the drillthrough report to view it.

For more information, see How to: Add a Drillthrough Action on a Report (Reporting Services) and How to: Add a Hyperlink to a URL (Reporting Services).

Typically, the drillthrough report accepts one or more parameters to specify the data to show, based on the link from the main report. For example, if the link from the main report was from a sales order, then the sales order number is passed to this drillthrough report.

For an example of a main report and a drillthrough report, see the "Employee Sales Summary" report and the "Sales Order Details" report in Reporting Services Samples.

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