Formatting Lines, Colors, and Images

Reporting Services lets you format lines, colors, data regions, images, and other report items.

Borders, lines, and gridlines can visually tie items together on the page and help users easily read the contents of the report. By using the predefined border styles, you can quickly add a border around a text box, a group of text boxes, or an image. In addition, you can change the style, width, and color for the borders, lines, and gridlines. Borders are added around the entire selected item, or around a border along an edge of the item.

To format borders and gridlines in a text box, report layout, or around an image, use the Border tab in the Properties dialog box of a report item. For example, if you want to add a border around an image, right-click the image, click Image Properties, and then click the Border tab.

In addition to the standard border frames, additional border frames can be applied to charts. For more information, see How to: Select a Border Frame for a Chart.

You can add a solid color to the background of the entire report, a text box within the report, or to a cell or group of cells within a data region. By default, the background color is white. You can select a different color from the report item's Properties, Fill dialog box. For example, if you want to change the background color of a text box, right-click the text box and select Text Box Properties. Click the Fill tab, and then select the color you want. In this dialog box, you can select a background color for the selected item or you can add an image that appears in the background.

When you use the chart, you can also specify gradients and pattern styles for background colors. For more information, see Formatting a Chart.

Fields that contain images can be added to a data region. You can also add an image to the background of your report, or apply a background image to a rectangle, text box, table, or matrix, or to the body and page sections of a report. If you use an image field, the images appear in the report with the report is run. You can adjust the height and width of the images on the Size tab in the Image Properties dialog box. For more information, see Adding Images to a Report.

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