How to: Add a Chart to a Report

When you want to summarize data in a visual format, use a Chart data region. It is important to choose an appropriate chart type for the type of data that you are presenting. This affects how well the data can be interpreted when put in chart form. For more information, see Preparing Data for Display in a Chart Data Region.

After you add a Chart data region to the design surface, you can drag report dataset fields for numeric and non-numeric data to the Chart Data pane of the chart. Click the chart to display the Chart Data pane with its three areas: Series Groups, Category Groups, and Values.

To add a chart to a report

  1. Create a report and define a dataset.

  2. On the View menu, click Toolbox to display a list of report items that can be added to the report.

  3. Double-click the Chart object, or drag the Chart object to the design surface. The Select a Chart Type dialog box appears.

  4. Select the type of chart you want to add. Click OK.

  5. Click the chart to display the Chart Data pane.

  6. Add one or more fields to the Values area. This information will be plotted on the value axis.

  7. Add a grouping field to the Category Groups area. When you add this field to the Category Groups area, a grouping field is automatically created for you. Each group represents a data point in your series.

  8. To summarize the data by category, right-click the data field and click Series Properties. In the Category box, select the category field from the drop-down list. Click OK.

  9. Click the Preview tab to see the rendered report. Click the Design tab to continue working on the report. For more information, see Chart and Gauge Layout How-to Topics (Reporting Services).

On charts with axes, such as bar and column charts, the category axis may not display all the category labels. For more information about how to change the axis labels, see How to: Specify an Axis Interval.

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