sp_help_spatial_geography_index (Transact-SQL)


Updated: June 10, 2016

Returns the names and values for a specified set of properties about a geography spatial index. The result is returned in a table format. You can choose to return a core set of properties or all properties of the index.

Applies to: SQL Server (SQL Server 2012 through current version).

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sp_help_spatial_geography_index [ @tabname =] 'tabname'   
     [ , [ @indexname = ] 'indexname' ]   
     [ , [ @verboseoutput = ] 'verboseoutput' ]   
     [ , [ @query_sample = ] 'query_sample' ]   

See Arguments and Properties of Spatial Index Stored Procedures.

See Arguments and Properties of Spatial Index Stored Procedures.

User must be assigned a PUBLIC role to access the procedure. Requires READ ACCESS permission on the server and the object.

The following example uses sp_help_spatial_geography_index to investigate the geography spatial index SIndx_SpatialTable_geography_col2 defined on table geography_col for the given query sample in @qs. This example returns only the core properties of the specified index.

declare @qs geography  
        ='POLYGON((-90.0 -180, -90 180.0, 90 180.0, 90 -180, -90 -180.0))';  
exec sp_help_spatial_geography_index 'geography_col', 'SIndx_SpatialTable_geography_col2', 0, @qs;  

The bounding box of a geography instance is the whole earth.

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