How to: Create Web Reports

Dynamics AX 2009

Web Reports are designed for online use. They are created in the AOT and used only in Enterprise Portal. Although Web Reports can be used with Enterprise Portal, standard Microsoft Dynamics AX reports are typically used instead.

To create a Web Report

  1. In the AOT, expand the Web node, right-click Web Reports, and then click New Web Report.

  2. Specify the Name property for the new Web Report.

  3. Expand the Data Sources node, and then expand the Query node for the new Web Report.

  4. Under the Query node, add tables to specify where data from the report will be accessed.

  5. Right-click the Designs node, and then click New Report Design. Name the new report design.

  6. Expand the node for the report design.

  7. Design the report by right-clicking the AutoDesignSpecs node and adding sections such as a Body or Page Header.

  8. Add fields from the data source to the appropriate sections of the report layout.

  9. Save the changes in the AOT.

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