Using BizUnit for Automated Testing

BizUnit is a declarative test framework that is designed to enable you to rapidly build test cases for your project. Declarative in this context means that the user authors the BizUnit test case in XML, by doing this they are configuring how the test framework will execute for that particular test case. The XML test case is executed by BizUnit every time the test is executed; this means that the test can be changed by modifying the XML there is no need to recompile the test. BizUnit requires a driver to host and execute the framework; this driver is responsible for telling it which test cases need to be run. This can be done in a number of ways: you could write.NET code to drive BizUnit, or simply use Visual Studio 2005 Unit Testing, which is included with the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) release of the product. BizUnit does not depend on VSTS unit testing, but it does make a great BizUnit host.

This section describes BizUnit in greater detail, provides a walkthrough of using BizUnit to test one of the BizTalk Server Business Process Management (BPM) scenarios, and provides information on using the BizTalk Server LoadGen 2007 Tool in conjunction with BizUnit for performance and stability testing.