How to: Configure SQL Server Integration Services Package for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Mobile Sales includes a Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package to extract a subset of data from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database and load it to the mobile staging database. Mobile devices can then synchronize with the mobile staging database to retrieve the latest data. For more information about Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services in Microsoft Dynamics Mobile - Server Components, see Implementing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).


If you change the mobile staging database, you can modify the SSIS package by using Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, which installs with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.

Before running the SSIS package, which is provided with Mobile Sales, you must complete the following procedures, as described in this topic:

  • Prepare to install the SSIS Package.

  • Install the SSIS Package.

  • Configure the SSIS Package.

For more information about installing Mobile Sales, see How to: Install Microsoft Dynamics Mobile - Device Components.

To prepare to install the Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Package

  1. If the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database contains pictures that will be stored on the mobile staging database and replicated on mobile devices, you need to verify that picture files are not compressed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. To verify or modify the compressed setting, complete the following steps:

    1. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV client, click Tools, and then click Object Designer.

    2. Click Tables, select the Item table, and then click Design.

    3. Select Picture and then click Properties from the toolbar (SHIFT+F4).

    4. Set the Compressed property to No.


    Microsoft Dynamics Mobile applications do not support compressed picture files.

  2. Verify the following:

Installing the SSIS Package

The SSIS package can be installed on and run from any server or computer that has a network connection to the mobile staging database and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The server or computer must include the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition or Microsoft SQL Server 2008, including Client Components and SQL Server Management Studio, Replication services, and Integration Services (SSIS).

  • One of the following operating systems:

    • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack (SP) 4 or later

    • Windows 2000 Professional Edition with SP 4 or later

    • Windows XP with SP 2 or later

    • Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, or Datacenter Edition with SP 1 or later

    • Windows Server 2008, 32 or 64 bit

    • Windows Small Business Server 2003 with SP 1 or later

To install the SSIS package

  1. On the computer where Mobile Sales is installed, use the following steps to locate the folder that contains the SSIS package file for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV version.

    1. Click Start, and then point to All Programs.

    2. Point to Microsoft Dynamics Mobile, and then click Folder Overview.

      This opens the folder in which you installed the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile - Device Components files. The default location is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics Mobile.

    3. Depending on your Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SQL Server version, open one of the following folders.

      Microsoft Dynamics AX version SQL Server Folder

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

      SQL Server 2005

      Solutions\Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009\Mobile Sales\Server\Staging Database\SSIS 2005

      Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

      SQL Server 2008

      Solutions\Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009\Mobile Sales\Server\Staging Database\SSIS 2008

  2. Copy the .dtsx and .dtsConfig files to the server or computer that will run the SSIS package.

    • For Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0, the files are named Mobile Sales-NAV4-Package.dtsx and Mobile Sales-NAV4.dtsconfig.

    • For Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0, the files are named Mobile Sales -NAV5-Package.dtsx and Mobile Sales-NAV5.dtsconfig.

    • For Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, the files are named Mobile Sales -NAV2009-Package.dtsx and Mobile Sales-NAV2009.dtsconfig.

Configuring the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Company and Language

The SSIS package extracts data from a specific company account in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and in a specific language (for option fields). The company account and language are defined in an SSIS configuration file called Mobile Sales-NAV4.dtsconfig, Mobile Sales-NAV5.dtsconfig, or Mobile Sales-NAV2009.dtsconfig, depending on your installation.

By default, the company account is “CRONUS International Ltd_” and the language “ENU”. If this is not the account or language for your installation, then complete the procedure described in this section. Otherwise, no configuration is required.

To change the company account and language for the SSIS package

  1. Open the .dtsconfig file in a text editor, such as NotePad.

  2. In the <ConfiguredValue /> element, replace CRONUS International Ltd_with the correct company name and ENU with an alternative language value.


    The name must correspond with the table name in the SQL Server database. So, if the customer table for the company you want is called “MyCompany_$Customer”, the company must be set to “MyCompany_”.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!-- (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.  THIS CODE IS MADE AVAILABLE AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.
        <DTSConfigurationFileInfo GeneratedBy="" GeneratedFromPackageName="Mobile Sales-NAV4-Package" GeneratedFromPackageID="{BEC19B95-BB9F-407d-937D-675650567DA5}" GeneratedDate="10/15/2007 4:26:42 PM"/>
      <Configuration ConfiguredType="Property" Path="\Package.Variables[User::NAVCompany].Properties[Value]" ValueType="String">
        <ConfiguredValue>CRONUS International Ltd_</ConfiguredValue>
      <Configuration ConfiguredType="Property" Path="\Package.Variables[User::NAVLanguageCode].Properties[Value]" ValueType="String">
  3. Save the file.

    You can now run the SSIS package. For more information, see How to: Run the SSIS Package to Update the Mobile Staging Database.

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