DpwsWseSubscriptionMgr.FireEvent Method

Raises an event.

Namespace: Dpws.Device.Services
Assembly: MFDpwsDevice (in mfdpwsdevice.dll)

public void FireEvent (
         DpwsHostedService hostedService,
         DpwsWseEventSource eventSource,
         byte[] eventMessage


The hosted service that contains the event source.
The event source that defines the event.
The event message buffer.

A device developer is responsible for building the event message buffer sent to clients that have an active event subscription with an event source. The subscription manager uses the hosted service parameter to access various properties of the service. The event source parameter is used to access the event sinks collection of the event source. Note: This method requires special provisions in order to properly build event message headers for each event sink. In order to send an event to a listening client the soap.header.To property must be changed for each listening client. In the future custom attribute support will solve this problem. For now however a search and replace mechanism is used to modify the header.To property. When a device developer builds the event message buffer they must use the search string WSDNOTIFYTOADDRESS for the To header property.

Available in .NET Micro Framework version 2.5