Shifts a character or range of characters up or down.

OffsetY adjustment


An integer indicating the number of EM units to shift a character up or down. A positive number shifts the characters down, and a negative number shifts characters up.

The OffsetY option applies to the characters specified by any ImportRange, ImportRangeAndMap, or SetAsDefaultCharacter options that follow it in the .fntdef file and precede any subsequent OffsetY options in the same .fntdef file.

The following .fntdef file shifts letters A through C upward but centers letters D through F.
      SelectFont "WE:400,FN:Pescadero"
      #Shift up then import the letters A through C
      OffsetY -3
      ImportRange 65 67
      #Undo the shift for D through F
      OffsetY 0
      ImportRange 68 70