Developing with MapPoint Web Service

MapPoint Web Service is deprecated and will be retired November 18, 2011. Please go to for information about upgrading to Bing Maps.

This section contains information on developing applications and Web services that call the MapPoint Web Service SOAP API.

In This Section

Accessing the MapPoint Web Service SOAP API

Describes referencing the MapPoint Web Service WSDL and using the MapPoint Web Service production and staging environments.

MapPoint Web Service Authentication

Describes how calls to MapPoint Web Service are authenticated.

MapPoint Web Service SOAP Headers

Gives information about how to use and code MapPoint Web Service SOAP headers.

About Data Sources in MapPoint Web Service

Provides an overview of the types of data sources available in MapPoint Web Service, including custom data sources that hold customer location data and icons.

Working with Map Views

Discusses working with different types of map views and the relationship between map view and image size.

Working with Polygons

Describes how to use the polygon functionality built into MapPoint Web Service.

Using MapPoint Web Service in a Web Application

Provides information about using MapPoint Web Service in Web applications, including the interaction between the client, the Web application, and MapPoint Web Service; ways to render maps on a Web page, and caching options.

Using LineDrive Maps

Describes LineDrive maps.

Preventing Icon Collisions

Describes how to enhance the readability of your maps.

Choosing Which Icons to Display

Describes how to choose categories of icons to display on your maps.

Retrieving the Match Code and Matched Method Values

Describes how to retrieve information about how accurately your entities are geocoded.

Introducing Customer Data Service

Describes how to use the Customer Data Service to upload and download your custom data sources.

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