MapPoint.Moon Data Source

MapPoint Web Service is deprecated and will be retired November 18, 2011. Please go to for information about upgrading to Bing Maps.

The MapPoint.Moon data source contains the lunar map. This DataSource object is capable of performing the functions in the following table. The method marked with an asterisk (*) has limitations; see the Remarks section for details.

Service Class




GetEntityTypes *


GetMap *


  • MapPoint Web Service does not contain entity type information for the MapPoint.Moon data source.

  • Rendering maps of a route—for example, the path of a lunar rover—is not available with the MapPoint.Moon data source.

  • The default map style is Comprehensive (MapStyle enumeration). For a table of the possible map styles to use for rendering a map using the MapPoint.Moon data source, see MapPoint Web Service Map Styles.

  • Information returned from the MapPoint.Moon data source is available in different languages. To see a table of the supported languages by data source, see Supported Languages.

  • For a table of the MapPoint Web Service data sources and the functions they are capable of performing, see MapPoint Web Service Data Sources and Capabilities.