The .NET Micro Framework Platform SDK

The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework provides developers with powerful and flexible tools for creating embedded applications in small hardware devices. It brings the essential benefits of the Microsoft .NET platform to devices that do not need the fuller functionality available in the .NET Framework and the .NET Compact Framework. Specifically, it is targeted at devices that operate below the functionality range of those for which software developers typically use the .NET Compact Framework to develop embedded applications.

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Legal Notice
This section provides a list of trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
What's New in the .NET Micro Framework Platform SDK
This section introduces the features that are new to this version of the of the .NET Micro Framework Platform SDK.
Quick Start Guide
This topic gives a brief introduction to the Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework. It also provides links to more detailed information.
Overviews of the .NET Micro Framework
The following topics in this developer's guide present an overview of the Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework and describe its hardware and software architecture. They also provide an introduction to writing managed C# applications for the .NET Micro Framework.
The .NET Micro Framework References
The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework class library contains the namespaces listed on this page and the classes and other API elements contained in those namespaces.
Extensible Emulator

The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework includes a powerful hardware emulator that you can enhance and extend to suit your needs when creating embedded systems for hardware devices. With the emulator, you can do much of your development and testing before your hardware is actually built. This section of the .NET Micro Framework Platform SDK describes the capabilities and uses of the emulator.


The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework includes tools to help you develop applications.

The samples included with the .NET Micro Framework provide instruction on various aspects of the .NET Micro Framework.
This glossary provides a list of terms used in the .NET Micro Framework documentation.