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Specifies the degree to which to anti-alias the font.

AntiAlias n


An integer, that may be either 1, 2, 4, or 8, that indicates the level of anti-aliasing to support. The font bitmaps contain n^2+1 (n squared plus one) levels of gray.

A SelectFont statement that specifies the font from which to import glyphs must precede the AntiAlias statement in the .fntdef file.

The AntiAlias option may be applied to a range of characters defined by a ImportRange option.

The following .fntdef file will import the uppercase characters from A to C, and the uppercase F. Only the letter F is anti-aliased.
      SelectFont "WE:400,FN:Kootenay"
      #import A, B, C
      ImportRange 65 67
      AntiAlias 8
      #import F
      ImportRange 70 70
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