Adjusts the right margin of a character or range of characters.

AdjustRightMargin adjustment


An integer indicating the number of EM units to add to the right margin. A positive number increases the right margin on each glyph in the next ImportRange, and a negative number decreases it.

The AdjustRightMargin option applies to the character or range of characters specified by the ImportRange option most immediately following it in the .fntdef file.

By default, the margins applied to each character are set to 0. If the right margin is decreased to less than 0, the character may shift to the right far enough to overlap with the next character.

The following .fntdef file increases the right margin for letters A through C but resets it for D through F.
      SelectFont "WE:400,FN:Pescadero"
      #Increase the right margin and then import the letters A through C
      AdjustRightMargin 3
      ImportRange 65 67
      #reset the right margin for D through F
      AdjustRightMargin 0
      ImportRange 68 70
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