Download and Install Example

Windows Mobile 6.5

The following XML example can be used as a template to configure the Download Configuration Service Provider.

This example shows how to add the characteristics and parameters to download and install an application.

    <Data>{package download server HTTP address}</Data>

One provisioning XML file typically contains configuration information for multiple Configuration Service Providers. To use this example, you must replace the values as appropriate, and add the node as a child of the SyncBody node in an OMA DM provisioning file. For more information about the syntax of the provisioning file, see OMA DM Provisioning Files.

For this example, replace the information enclosed in braces {} with correct values for your system. The following table shows the meaning of the information that you must replace.

String to replace Meaning


An identifier for the download parameters.


A device unique identifier for the download package.

{package download server HTTP address}

The URI for the downloadable component.

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