FindNearbySpecification Class

MapPoint Web Service is deprecated and will be retired November 18, 2011. Please go to for information about upgrading to Bing Maps.

Contains the search specification used in the FindServiceSoap.FindNearby method. Specifies the search area, the entity type, properties, and values to match, the search options to use, and the data source from which to get results.

[Visual Basic]

Public Class FindNearbySpecification Inherits System.Object

[C#] public class FindNearbySpecification : System.Object

Public Properties

public propertyDataSourceName

A string representing the name of the data source (DataSource.Name property) in which to search for entities.

public propertyDistance

The distance from the LatLong property in which to search, in distance units (DistanceUnit enumeration) as specified in the UserInfoFindHeader.DefaultDistanceUnit property.

public propertyFilter

The filter (FindFilter object) to apply to the results; that is, the specific entity type, properties, and values that the returned results must match.

public propertyLatLong

The latitude and longitude coordinate (LatLong object) for the point around which the search is made.

public propertyOptions

The search options (FindOptions object), which may include the range of results and a flag to identify which objects are desired in the returned results.


  • The FindNearbySpecification class is used as input to the specification parameter of the FindServiceSoap.FindNearby method.

  • For the FindNearbySpecification object to be valid, it must contain DataSourceName, Distance, Filter, and LatLong properties. If the Options property is null, default options are used.

  • The FindServiceSoap.FindNearby method is valid only with data sources that have a CanFindNearby capability (DataSourceCapability enumeration). This includes several MapPoint Web Service point-of-interest data sources, as well as your own data source if you have uploaded location data to it using the Customer Services site (

  • For more information about MapPoint Web Service data sources, see MapPoint Web Service Data Sources and Capabilities.

  • To retrieve a list of data sources and their capabilities, use the CommonServiceSoap.GetDataSourceInfo method.

  • More information about using your own data with MapPoint Web Service is found in the Customer Services site ( Help.

  • For information about becoming a customer, visit the MapPoint Web Service Web site.

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