CustomerInfoRouteHeader Class

MapPoint Web Service is deprecated and will be retired November 18, 2011. Please go to for information about upgrading to Bing Maps.

Contains a customer-defined numeric code that represents a transaction sent to MapPoint Web Service by using a method of the RouteServiceSoap class. You can use this number to order or group reports on the Customer Services site (CSS).

[Visual Basic]

Public Class CustomerInfoRouteHeader 
Inherits CustomerInfoHeader

[C#] public class CustomerInfoRouteHeader : CustomerInfoHeader


  • The CustomerInfoRouteHeader class is passed in the RouteServiceSoap.CustomerInfoRouteHeaderValue property in the SOAP header for every call that you want to track in a particular way, such as calls for particular end customers or calls of a certain type.

  • For more information about MapPoint Web Service reports, see the Help topic "About MapPoint Web Service reports" on the CSS. For more information about how to access the CSS, see the information that you received when you enrolled in the service.

    For more information about becoming a MapPoint Web Service customer, visit the MapPoint Web Service Web site.

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