This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Defining the Appearance of the Generated Language Designer

Visual Studio 2008

You can define how the elements of your domain-specific language designer will appear on the diagram and in the Toolbox, the DSL Explorer, and the Properties window. For the diagram, you can customize the shapes that represent the model elements, the shape decorators (graphics or text that are used to distinguish kinds of elements), and the diagram surface itself. For the Toolbox, you can specify the icon, pointer icon, tooltip, and other properties of the tool. For the DSL Explorer, you can show or hide nodes and customize the appearance of the nodes. For the Properties window, you can specify whether a property is displayed, whether it is read-only, and to which category it belongs.

Adding Shapes and Connectors

Describes how shapes and connectors define the appearance of model elements and links on the diagram of the generated designer.

Mapping Shapes and Connectors

Shows how domain classes and domain relationships must be mapped to shapes and connectors to appear on the diagram of the generated designer.

Defining Decorators on Shapes and Connectors

Describes decorators, which are text labels, icons, or expand/collapse chevrons that can be added to shapes and connectors.

Customizing the Diagram

Demonstrates how you can customize the background color and other properties of the diagram.

Customizing Tools and the Toolbox

Describes element tools and connection tools, which are toolbox items that you can map to domain classes and domain relationships so that users of your generated designer can add model elements and links to their models.

Customizing the Domain-Specific Language Explorer

Shows how you can customize the appearance of nodes in your language explorer.

Customizing the Properties Window

Shows how you can customize the domain properties that you want to appear in the Properties window.

Working with Domain-Specific Language Solutions

Describes how to create a domain-specific language.