Account numbers


The format for account numbers is defined at the time Microsoft Dynamics GP is installed. The Dynamics GP service uses the account number format that was defined. The Dynamics GP service will return account numbers in this format. When your web service application uses account numbers, it must supply them in the format that matches the current Microsoft Dynamics GP installation.

Since the account format may not be known at the time you write your application, the Dynamics GP web service includes the GetGLAccountFormatList method to retrieve information about the account number format. This method retrieves a collection of GLAccountFormat objects, each of which describes one segment of the account number. Examine each of these objects to determine the length of the account segment.

The separator character that appears between the segments of the account number is available from the AccountSegmentSeparator property of the Company object. Use the GetCompanyByKey method to retrieve this object.

With this information, you can construct the format needed for account numbers to be processed by the Dynamics GP service.