Preview your catalog using Quick Look

Expression Studio 2.0

Mac OS X Leopard introduced a feature called Quick Look, which gives you the ability to preview files and file content in the Finder and other areas such as a Spotlight search or in the Time Machine. You can also use Quick Look to preview Microsoft Expression Media catalogs. When you view a catalog in any of the above ways, you will see a snapshot of all the images in the catalog. If you have several catalogs, you can quickly view each one in this way, thereby quickly finding the one that you want to open. Along with displaying any file that you have in a particular catalog, the preview also displays catalog information, such as the number of items in the catalog and the catalog file size. You can also zoom in on the catalog to view it in a full-screen size.


Quick Look cannot provide motion previews of the videos in your Expression Media catalog. Expression Media displays only a still image, representing a frame of the video.

To preview your catalog using Quick Look

  1. Locate the catalog file that you want to preview, and select it.

  2. Press SPACEBAR, or click the Quick Look icon in the Finder window.

  3. To make the preview full-screen, click the double-arrow icon.