Expression Studio 2.0

Microsoft Expression Media supports AppleScript automation on OS X. Once you create a script, you can attach it to Expression Media for access through the AppleScript menu.

To create a script, use a text editor or a special program, such as the Script Editor, which is included with Macintosh OS X.

The Expression Media installation creates a Plug-ins folder that contains files that are important to how the program works. Expression Media also creates a user-defined Plug-ins folder for you to customize or install additional functionality, such as scripts, HTML templates, print templates, Favorites lists, and media importers.

In Expression Media, the Scripts menu displays all scripts in the Scripts folder found in the Plug-ins folder.


When you are installing custom scripts, put them inside the user-defined Plug-ins folder, and not the Plug-ins folder defined by Expression Media. This way, you will not lose your custom settings and plug-ins when you upgrade to future versions of Expression Media.

The user-defined Plug-ins folder is located in one of the following locations:

  • ~User/Library/Application Support/Expression Media 2/Plug-ins

  • /Library/Application Support/ Expression Media 2/Plug-ins

  • Network/Library/Application Support/ Expression Media 2/Plug-ins

Helper applications are programs installed on your computer that you can use to modify, play, view or compress catalog items. Using Helper applications prevents you from having to start a program, navigate the desktop, or locate a file.

Some scripts, depending on how they are created, are viewed by the operating system as a program and can be defined in Expression Media as a Helper application. For instructions about how to define Helper applications, see Editing media in other applications.

Droplets created by Photoshop or Image-Ready can be integrated into your workflow by assigning them as Helper applications. When used as an Expression Media Helper application, a Rotate 90-degree clockwise Photoshop droplet or Make JPEG (quality 60) ImageReady compression droplet can save you time.