The Crop filter

Expression Studio 2.0

You can use the Crop filter to reduce the visible area of an image.

The Crop filter


To crop an image

  1. Select an image file.

  2. On the Window menu, click Image Editor.

  3. Click the Crop filter.

  4. In the Crop dialog box, drag across the area of the image that you want to retain.

    Microsoft Expression Media dims the area that will be cropped.

  5. Before accepting the crop, you can adjust the edges of the selection to fall exactly at the location you want by dragging the sides of the box.

  6. To accept the crop, click OK.

  7. Position the pointer over one of the four sides of the image, and then drag to where you want the cropped area.

  8. While adjusting the cropped area, you can review the coordinates of the crop in the Area fields.

To constrain the proportions of a crop

  1. In the Crop dialog box, select the Constrain box, and then type the dimensions you want.

    This is useful for cropping an image for a specific print, screen, or video, such as 4x6 inches or 640x480 pixels.

  2. You can adjust the unit of dimension displayed in this dialog box by selecting pixels, inches, or centimeters from the Units menu.

  3. To exit the Crop tool, click Cancel.


    When you resize a cropped area that is not constrained, you can adjust the dimensions by clicking and dragging on any side of the box. You do not have to click exactly on the red control bars.