Create a CD or DVD compatible with different operating systems

Expression Studio 2.0

One way to create a catalog of images that is compatible with most operating systems (Windows, UNIX, Macintosh) is to burn an exported HTML gallery onto a CD or DVD.

Burn an exported HTML gallery onto a CD or DVD

  1. Create a catalog. Add the files; set the layout; and add keywords, annotations, and captions. Because some operating systems do not accept long file names, shorten all your file names to 8 characters or fewer. You can easily do this by clicking Batch Rename on the Action menu. Use that same command to make sure that you have the correct file name extensions on all images or movies, because some operating systems require extensions. Remember, renaming files cannot be undone, so you might want to make a backup of your media before you rename them for this HTML gallery.

  2. Export an HTML gallery by using an Microsoft Expression Media pre-defined theme or a theme that you have created. After export, HTML can be additionally customized with an HTML editor. Select the HTML Extension .htm in the Settings panel. This extension works on all operating systems. All links inside the gallery pages must be relative (for example, ../img/hello.jpg) for them to work on a CD.

  3. Burn your gallery files onto the CD. To make your CD compatible with most operating systems, you must burn the CD in the ISO 9660 format.

  4. To print a cover for the CD you just created, you can use the Print Template named CD Jewel Case.