WsExceptionFaultType Enumeration

WsExceptionFaultType Enumeration

Enumeration used to represent exception faults.

Namespace: Ws.Services.Faults
Assembly: MFWsStack (in mfwsstack.dll)

public enum WsExceptionFaultType

 Member nameDescription
ArgumentExceptionFault sent to indicate an ArgumentException has been thrown.
ArgumentNullException Fault sent to indicate an ArgumentNullException has been thrown.
ExceptionFault sent to indicate a general purpose exception has been thrown.
InvalidOperationExceptionFault sent to indicate an InvalidOperationException has been thrown.
XmlExceptionFault sent to indicate an XmlException has been thrown.

This enumerated type provides a means to send general purpose exceptions to a client as a fault response.

Available in .NET Micro Framework version 2.5

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