This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Data.Services Namespace

Provides access to classes used to build ADO.NET Data Services.

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Public classChangeInterceptorAttributeThe ChangeInterceptorAttribute on a method is used to process updates on the specified entity set name.
Public classDataService<T>The main entry point for developing an ADO.NET Data Service.
Public classDataServiceBehaviorAdds settings that define behavior to a custom data service.
Public classDataServiceConfigurationManages the configuration of ADO.NET Data Services.
Public classDataServiceExceptionRepresents an instance of the DataServiceException class with a specified message that describes the error.
Public classDataServiceHostThe ADO.NET Data Services class derived from WebServiceHost used to instantiate data services.
Public classDataServiceHostFactoryThe class used by the infrastructure of ADO.NET Data Services to connect to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
Public classDataServiceOperationContextRepresents the current operation being processed.
Public classDataServiceProcessingPipelineDefines the events for the data service processing pipeline.
Public classDataServiceProcessingPipelineEventArgsEvent argument class for DataServiceProcessingPipeline events.
Public classETagAttributeThis attribute on an entity type is used to specify the properties that determine changes in content.
Public classExpandSegmentThe segment of a query that indicates whether data should be returned inline instead of as deferred content.
Public classExpandSegmentCollectionThe segments of a query that can be expanded by the $expand clause that follows a query.
Public classHandleExceptionArgsSpecifies details of an exception that has occurred and the details of the associated HTTP response.
Public classIgnorePropertiesAttributeControls the visibility of a property or properties by ADO.NET Data Services.
Public classMimeTypeAttributeIndicates the mime type of HTTP request.
Public classProcessRequestArgsRepresents arguments used by an HTTP request to the data service.
Public classQueryInterceptorAttributeThe QueryInterceptorAttribute on a method annotates it as a query interceptor on the specified entity set.
Public classSingleResultAttributeAttribute used on service operations to specify that they return a single instance of their return element.

Public interfaceIDataServiceConfigurationThe IDataServiceConfiguration is used by ADO.NET Data Services to set up the behavior of the service, including rights on entity sets and service operations, limits on the allowed requests, registering types not discoverable by default, and the default verbosity on error handling.
Public interfaceIDataServiceHostInterface that specifies interactions between ADO.NET Data Services and its hosting environment.
Public interfaceIDataServiceHost2Defines extensions to IDataServiceHost needed for request and response headers in HTTP.
Public interfaceIExpandedResultDeclares the members required to support enumerators for results and associated segments on an ADO.NET Data Service $expand query option.
Public interfaceIExpandProviderThis interface declares the methods required to support the $expand query option for an ADO.NET Data Service.
Public interfaceIRequestHandlerProvides access to members that control handing of request messages.
Public interfaceIUpdatableAn interface used to insert or update a resource by the HTTP POST method.

Public enumerationEntitySetRightsAn enumeration used to define access rights to data that is deployed by ADO.NET Data Services.
Public enumerationServiceOperationRightsAn enumeration used to define access rights to service operations deployed by ADO.NET Data Services.
Public enumerationUpdateOperationsAn enumeration used to specify the update operations that were performed on an entity.