System.Data.Services.Client Namespace

Represents the .NET Framework client library that applications can use to interact with WCF Data Services.

  Class Description
Public class ActionDescriptor Holds information about a ServiceAction.
Public class BodyOperationParameter Represents a parameter associated with a service action.
Public class BuildingRequestEventArgs EventArgs for the BuildingRequest event.
Public class ChangeOperationResponse Results returned after a call to SaveChanges when enumerating operation responses returned by the DataServiceResponse class.
Public class DataServiceClientConfigurations Configurations on the behavior of the Client.
Public class DataServiceClientException Represents errors that occur during execution of WCF Data Services client applications.
Public class DataServiceClientFormat Tracks the user-preferred format which the client should use when making requests.
Public class DataServiceClientRequestMessage This class represents the contract WCF Data Services client with the request message.
Public class DataServiceClientRequestMessageArgs Arguments for creating an instance of DataServiceClientRequestMessage.
Public class DataServiceClientRequestPipelineConfiguration Class that holds a variety of events for writing the payload from the OData to the wire
Public class DataServiceClientResponsePipelineConfiguration Class that is responsible for configuration of actions that are invoked from a response
Public class DataServiceCollection<T> Represents a dynamic entity collection that provides notifications when items get added, removed, or when the list is refreshed.
Public class DataServiceContext The DataServiceContext represents the runtime context of the data service.
Public class DataServiceQuery An abstract class that represents a single query request to WCF Data Services. 
Public class DataServiceQuery<TElement> Represents a single query request to a data service.
Public class DataServiceQueryContinuation Encapsulates a URI that returns the next page of a paged WCF Data Services query result.
Public class DataServiceQueryContinuation<T> Encapsulates a URI that returns the next page of a paged WCF Data Services query result. 
Public class DataServiceQueryException Exception that indicates an error occurred loading the property value from the data service.
Public class DataServiceRequest Represents request objects submitted as a batch to WCF Data Services.
Public class DataServiceRequest<TElement> Represents request objects submitted as a batch to the data service.
Public class DataServiceRequestArgs Represents additional metadata that is included in a request message to WCF Data Services.
Public class DataServiceRequestException Represents the error thrown if the data service returns a response code less than 200 or greater than 299, or the top-level element in the response is <error>. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class DataServiceResponse Represents the response to operations sent to the data service as a result of calling SaveChanges.
Public class DataServiceStreamLink Represents the URL of a binary resource stream.
Public class DataServiceStreamResponse Represents a response from WCF Data Services that contains binary data as a stream.
Public class DataServiceTransportException Class to describe errors thrown by transport layer.
Public class Descriptor Abstract class from which EntityDescriptor is derived.
Public class EntityChangedParams Encapsulates the arguments of a PropertyChanged delegate
Public class EntityCollectionChangedParams Encapsulates the arguments of a CollectionChanged delegate.
Public class EntityDescriptor Description of modifications done to entities by operations returned in a DataServiceResponse.
Public class FunctionDescriptor Holds information about a ServiceFunction.
Public class HttpWebRequestMessage IODataRequestMessage interface implementation.
Public class HttpWebResponseMessage IODataResponseMessage interface implementation
Public class InvokeResponse Response from an Invoke call.
Public class LinkDescriptor Provides a description of modifications done to entities by operations returned in a DataServiceResponse.
Public class LinkInfo Encapsulates information about a link, or relationship, between entities.
Public class MaterializedEntityArgs Materialized Entity arguments
Public class MediaEntryAttribute Signifies that the specified class is to be treated as a media link entry.
Public class MessageReaderSettingsArgs Arguments used to configure the odata message reader settings.
Public class MessageWriterSettingsArgs Arguments used to configure the odata message writer settings.
Public class MimeTypePropertyAttribute Annotates a property on a class that has been annotated with the MediaEntryAttribute.
Public class OperationDescriptor Holds information about a service operation.
Public class OperationParameter Represents a parameter passed to a service action, service function or a service operation when it is Executed.
Public class OperationResponse Abstract class that represents the response of a single query or create, update, or delete operation.
Public class QueryOperationResponse Represents the responses to a DataServiceQuery.
Public class QueryOperationResponse<T> Represents the responses to a DataServiceQuery<TElement>.
Public class ReadingEntryArgs The reading entry args
Public class ReadingFeedArgs The reading feed arguments
Public class ReadingNavigationLinkArgs The reading navigation link arguments
Public class ReadingWritingEntityEventArgs Gives access to the entity and an object that represents an Atom entry. ReadingWritingEntityEventArgs is used with the ReadingEntity and WritingEntity events.
Public class ReceivingResponseEventArgs EventArgs class for the ReceivingResponse event. Exposes the ResponseMessage to the user.
Public class SendingRequest2EventArgs Event args for the SendingRequest2 event.
Public class SendingRequestEventArgs Used with the SendingRequest event to provide access to the HttpWebRequest instance that the client is about to send to the target data service.
Public class StreamDescriptor Contains information about a named binary resource stream.
Public class UriOperationParameter Represents a parameter associated with a service operation or a service function.
Public class WritingEntityReferenceLinkArgs The writing entity reference link arguments
Public class WritingEntryArgs Writing entry arguments
Public class WritingNavigationLinkArgs Writing navigation link arguments

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DataServiceResponsePreference Determines whether the client requests that the data service return inserted or updated entity data as an entry in the response message.
Public enumeration EntityStates Represents the enumeration that identifies the state of an entity being tracked by the DataServiceContext.
Public enumeration MergeOption Determines the synchronization option for sending or receiving entities to or from WCF Data Services. 
Public enumeration SaveChangesOptions Indicates change options when SaveChanges is called.
Public enumeration TrackingMode Determines whether changes that are made to a DataServiceCollection<T> are tracked.