This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Data.Services.Client Namespace

Represents the .NET Framework client library that applications can use to interact with WCF Data Services.

Public classChangeOperationResponseResults returned after a call to SaveChanges when enumerating operation responses returned by the DataServiceResponse class.
Public classDataServiceClientExceptionRepresents errors that occur during execution of WCF Data Services client applications.
Public classDataServiceCollection<T>Represents a dynamic entity collection that provides notifications when items get added, removed, or when the list is refreshed.
Public classDataServiceContextThe DataServiceContext represents the runtime context of the data service.
Public classDataServiceQueryAn abstract class that represents a single query request to WCF Data Services. 
Public classDataServiceQuery<TElement>Represents a single query request to a data service.
Public classDataServiceQueryContinuationEncapsulates a URI that returns the next page of a paged WCF Data Services query result.
Public classDataServiceQueryContinuation<T>Encapsulates a URI that returns the next page of a paged WCF Data Services query result. 
Public classDataServiceQueryExceptionException that indicates an error occurred loading the property value from the data service.
Public classDataServiceRequestRepresents request objects submitted as a batch to WCF Data Services.
Public classDataServiceRequest<TElement>Represents request objects submitted as a batch to the data service.
Public classDataServiceRequestArgsRepresents additional metadata that is included in a request message to WCF Data Services.
Public classDataServiceRequestExceptionRepresents the error thrown if the data service returns a response code less than 200 or greater than 299, or the top-level element in the response is <error>. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDataServiceResponseRepresents the response to operations sent to the data service as a result of calling SaveChanges.
Public classDataServiceStreamResponseRepresents a response from WCF Data Services that contains binary data as a stream.
Public classDescriptorAbstract class from which EntityDescriptor is derived.
Public classEntityChangedParamsEncapsulates the arguments of a PropertyChanged delegate
Public classEntityCollectionChangedParamsEncapsulates the arguments of a CollectionChanged delegate.
Public classEntityDescriptorDescription of modifications done to entities by operations returned in a DataServiceResponse.
Public classLinkDescriptorProvides a description of modifications done to entities by operations returned in a DataServiceResponse.
Public classMediaEntryAttributeSignifies that the specified class is to be treated as a media link entry.
Public classMimeTypePropertyAttributeAnnotates a property on a class that has been annotated with the MediaEntryAttribute.
Public classOperationResponseAbstract class that represents the response of a single query or create, update, or delete operation.
Public classQueryOperationResponseRepresents the responses to a DataServiceQuery.
Public classQueryOperationResponse<T>Represents the responses to a DataServiceQuery<TElement>.
Public classReadingWritingEntityEventArgsGives access to the entity and an XLinq object that represents an Atom entry. ReadingWritingEntityEventArgs is used with the ReadingEntity and WritingEntity events.
Public classSendingRequestEventArgsUsed with the SendingRequest event to provide access to the HttpWebRequest instance that the client is about to send to the target data service.

Public enumerationEntityStatesRepresents the enumeration that identifies the state of an entity being tracked by the DataServiceContext.
Public enumerationMergeOptionDetermines the synchronization option for sending or receiving entities to or from WCF Data Services. 
Public enumerationSaveChangesOptionsIndicates change options when SaveChanges is called.
Public enumerationTrackingModeDetermines whether changes that are made to a DataServiceCollection<T> are tracked.