Sys.Application.addHistoryPoint Method

Creates a history point and adds it to the browser's history stack.

For a live code example that demonstrates this method in action, and for a view of how the method is used in code, see Managing Browser History Using Client Script.

addHistoryPoint: function(state, title)

Sys.Application.addHistoryPoint(state, title);




Object . A collection of key/value pairs that represent the state data. This data will be added to the main state to form the global state of the new history point.


String . (Optional) The title for the new history point. If this value is not specified, the title of the Web page is used as the history point title.

Use the addHistoryPoint method to set a new history point. The state parameter must be a string dictionary. The application is responsible for converting the state data from the relevant types and into the relevant types.

This method throws an exception if history is not enabled.