Performance Explorer Window


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The Performance Explorer window in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) enables you to configure and start performance sessions by using the Visual Studio Profiling Tools.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate, Visual Studio Premium, Visual Studio Professional

The following options are available on the Performance Explorer toolbar:

  • Launch Performance Wizard - Displays the Performance Wizard to add a new performance session to the Performance Explorer window.

  • New Performance Session - Adds an empty performance session to the Performance Explorer window.

  • Launch - The Launch command button list enables you to start the target application that has profiling immediately enabled (Launch with profiling) or with profiling suspended (Launch with profiling paused).

  • Method - Specifies whether the profiling method of the session is sampling or instrumentation.

  • Stop - Immediately exits the target application and the profiler.

  • Attach/Detach - Displays the Attach Profiler to Process dialog box to select a running process to which to attach the profiler.

The Performance Explorer window contains a tree control that displays the binaries and report data files of one or more performance sessions.

  • Session Name - The root of the tree control contains the name of the session. Right-click the session name to set the session properties or to start the target application and profiler.

  • Targets - Displays the names of binaries that are to be profiled in the session. Right-click Targets to add or remove a binary, Visual Studio project, or Web site. Right-click a target name to set properties for the individual binary.

  • Reports - Displays the names of profiler data files that are generated for the session. Right-click Reports to add an existing report or compare two profiler data files. Right-click a report name to open, remove, or export a profiler data file.

Configuring Performance Sessions
Controlling Data Collection