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Linking the Reports

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The report can be self-contained or have child reports that provide more detailed information. The parent and the child reports have a parental relationship. This means that all operations on the parent entity instance are propagated to the child entity instances (cascade all). However, in a delete operation, the child report is not deleted, but the link between the parent report and the child report is removed. The child report must contain the information about the parent report ID. To specify the parent report ID, set the report.parentreportid property in the child report. The linking between the parent report and child report is performed when the child report is created or updated. The parent can have multiple child reports. It is best to publish a parent report first and then publish a child report. If you create a child report before you create a parent report, you have to update the child report with the parent report ID after the parent report is created.

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