HealthServiceActionPage.OnActionApplicationAuthorizationSuccessful Method (Microsoft.Health.Web)

Redirects to the application's service agreement page using the WCPage_ActionAppAuthSuccess configuration value in the web.config.

Declaration Syntax

Protected Overridable Sub OnActionApplicationAuthorizationSuccessful( _
	ByVal action As String, _
	ByVal actionQueryString As String _
protected virtual void OnActionApplicationAuthorizationSuccessful(
	string action, 
	string actionQueryString
protected: virtual void OnActionApplicationAuthorizationSuccessful(
	System.String action, 
	System.String actionQueryString
protected function OnActionApplicationAuthorizationSuccessful(
	action : System.String, 
	actionQueryString : System.String


Should always be "APPAUTHSUCCESS".  
The value of the "actionqs" query string parameter.  


The default implementation of this method calls OnActionUnknown to redirect to the URL defined by the web.config file or the ActionQueryString. To change this behavior the application can override this method and provide a different implementation. GetTargetLocation can be called to get the URL from the web.config file if needed.


Namespace: Microsoft.Health.Web
Assembly: Microsoft.Health.Web (