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Editing OS Design Configuration Files to Add a Catalog Item

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If you want to create a custom Catalog item, you must edit the build configuration files to include the module that is associated with that Catalog item.

After you edit the configuration files for a custom Catalog item, you can create the custom Catalog item. For more information, see How to Add a Device Driver to the Catalog, or How to Add an Application to the Catalog.

  1. In Platform Builder, open the OS design.

  2. In Solution Explorer, browse to Parameter Files, <BSP name>, project.bib. Double-click project.bib.

  3. Edit the .bib file to include your module when the associated Sysgen variable is set.

    For example, type the following lines of code in the MODULES section of the .bib file:

    ;  Name            Path                            Memory Type
    ;  --------------  ---------------------------------------------  --
          mymodule.dll  $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\mymodule.dll   NK   SH

    Notice that you must use the Sysgen variable that you created for this Catalog item in Catalog Editor, together with the file name and the actual location of the .dll or .exe file for the module that you created for the Catalog item.

  4. On the File menu, choose Save project.bib.

  5. Set a custom build action to copy your module to the release directory during the build process.

    • On the Project menu, choose <OSDesign> Properties.
    • Expand Configuration Properties, and then choose Custom Build Actions.
    • Set Build step to "Post-Make image".
    • Choose New, and type a command that copies your module to %_FLATRELEASEDIR%. For example:
      copy c:\ThirdPartyDrivers\mymodule.dll $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)
    • Choose OK.

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