Creating a Catalog Item that Represents an Application

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This topic describes how to create and set properties for an item in a Catalog file so that it can represent an application in the Platform Builder Catalog.

To create a Catalog item, you must have already created a Catalog file. For more information about creating Catalog files, see Using the Catalog Editor to Create a Catalog File.

  1. In Catalog Editor, choose the Add arrow, and then choose Catalog Item.

  2. Browse to the new Catalog item and select it.

    The Properties window displays the property settings for the selected Catalog item in the .pbcxml file.

  3. Click in the box next to Supported CPUs, select which CPUs will support your application, and then choose OK. In this example, select x86.

  4. Click in the box next to Type, and then choose the Catalog item group to which you want to add your application. In this example, choose General.

  5. In the box next to Title, type a name for the Catalog item that you want to add to the Catalog. In this example, type "My Application".

  6. In the box next to Unique Id, type a unique ID for the Catalog item that follows the expected format. For your application, use the format Item:VENDOR:SYSGEN, where Item is the name of the Catalog item, VENDOR is the name of the Catalog item vendor, and SYSGEN is the Sysgen variable. In this example, type "MyFeature:MyCompany:sysgen_my_app".

  7. Click in the box next to Modules, and type the full name of each file that represents a module that implements the functionality of your application. For example, if you built a subproject named MyApp, type "MyApp.exe". Choose OK.

  8. In the box next to Sysgen variable, type a Sysgen variable for your selectable Catalog item. In this example, type "SYSGEN_MY_APP".

    The Sysgen variable must be the same as the Sysgen substring that you specified in Unique Id.
  9. Add any additional property values that you want for the Catalog item. For more information about property values, see Catalog Item Properties.

  10. To add a link to application source code, add a source-code link to the Catalog item. This source-code link is for display purposes only. For more information about source-code links, see Adding a Source Code Link to a Catalog File.

  11. On the File menu, choose Save <MyCatalogFile>.pbcxml.

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