Use the subproperty editor to set a property

In the Properties panel, you can set properties in numerous ways. At the simplest level, you can enter a value, select a button, or select a value from a drop-down list. More complex properties use the subproperty and collection editors. You can also use advanced property options to data bind, template bind, or apply a resource to a property.

The following procedure shows you how to use a subproperty editor to set the BitmapEffect property. For information about how to add multiple bitmap effects to an object, see Use the collection editor to set a property.

  1. Select an object on the artboard, such as a button or a rectangle.

  2. Under Appearance in the Properties panel, click the Show advanced properties Cc374989.81e110f1-4068-4299-957d-0693cea95088(en-us,Expression.10).png button to expand the Appearance category.

  3. Beside the BitmapEffect property, click the New button, or click the drop-down arrow next to the New button, and then select a bitmap effect from the list that appears. For example, select the BeveBitmapEffect.

    The area under the BitmapEffect property displays the subproperty editor, containing the properties that you can set for BeveBitmapEffect (such as the BevelWidth property). Subproperty editors are identified by a dark border. You can expand and collapse the subproperty editor to modify your settings by using the drop-down arrow that appears on the left side of the BitmapEffect property.


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