CLR Interop Issues Across Tiers

CLRObject instances cannot be passed between Microsoft Dynamics AX tiers.

An X++ method marked with the keyword server runs on the Application Object Server (AOS) tier. Your server method SS cannot return a .NET Framework object to another method CC that calls SS from the client tier.

The following X++ code example has a server method that is called by a client method. The server method returns a .NET Framework object of type System.String. However, .NET Framework objects cannot be serialized and de-serialized by Microsoft Dynamics AX. Therefore they cannot be returned to a caller that is running on a different tier (in this case, the client tier).

An attempt to run this code example causes an error message that states that the CLRObject is not initialized.

Server Method

This code represents the server method that is called from the client.

public class RunOnTheServerClass
    public static server System.String GetASystemStringMethod()
        System.String sNet;
        // Enable CLR interop on a server method.
        new InteropPermission(InteropKind::ClrInterop).assert();

        sNet = "The return value.";
        return sNet;

Client Method, the Caller

This code represents the client job that calls the server method.

static void RunOnClientJob(Args _args)
    System.String sNet;
    str strXpp;
    // This call fails.
    sNet = RunOnTheServerClass ::GetASystemStringMethod();

    strXpp = sNet;

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