Sending COPP Commands

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

Sending COPP Commands

To send a Certified Output Protection Protocol (COPP) command, fill in an AMCOPPCommand structure as follows:

  • guidCommandID. The GUID that identifies the command. See the COPP Command Reference.
  • dwSequence. The command sequence number. Increment this value after each command. (This value is shown as uCommandSeq in Initiating a COPP Session.)
  • cbSizeData. The size, in bytes, of any data needed for the command.
  • CommandData. Data for the command.

After you have filled in this data, calculate the MAC for the command:

  1. Calculate the OMAC-1 tag for the block of data that appears after the macKDI member of the AMCOPPCommand structure.
  2. Copy this value into the macKDI member of the structure.

Now pass the structure to the IAMCertifiedOutputProtection::ProtectionCommand method.

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