FeedSyncServices Methods

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Public method Equals  Overloaded. (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetChangeBatch
Gets a change batch from the loaded FeedSync feed. The change batch contains item metadata for items that are not contained in the specified knowledge from the destination provider.
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Public method GetKnowledge
Computes the current knowledge of the replica by using the loaded FeedSync feed and returns that knowledge.
Public method GetNextTickCount
Gets the current tick count from SyncKnowledge that is computed by using the loaded FeedSync feed, advances the tick count, and updates the tick count in the knowledge.
Public method GetType  (Inherited from Object.)
Public method LoadChangeData
Gets item data from the loaded FeedSync feed. The item data is represented as XML text.
Public method LoadFeed
Loads a FeedSync feed from a stream.
Public method ProcessChangeBatch
Processes a batch of changes that are specified by the source provider by handling conflicts and applying changes to the loaded FeedSync feed.
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