Gets a batch of changes that contains the versions of items and change units that are stored in this replica. These items and change units correspond to the items and change units referred to in a batch of changes that is sent from some other provider, as part of a full enumeration.

HRESULT GetFullEnumerationItemBatchVersions(
  ISyncFullEnumerationChangeBatch * pRemoteSyncChangeBatch,
  IEnumSyncChanges ** ppLocalVersionsEnum);



[in] The batch of source changes about to be applied.


[out] Returns the change batch that contains the versions of items and change units stored in this replica.

  • S_OK


This method helps a synchronization provider implement its IKnowledgeSyncProvider::ProcessFullEnumerationChangeBatch method.

Change appliers use the versions in the batch of changes that are returned from this method for conflict detection.

The change batch that is returned from this method must contain one entry for every item with an item ID between the lower and upper bounds specified in pRemoteSyncChangeBatch, including change unit entries. If an item exists in the item store, its entry must contain its version information for this replica. If an item does not exist, its entry must contain 0 for its version and its SYNC_CHANGE_FLAG_DOES_NOT_EXIST flag must be set.