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CLR Generics Versus C++ Templates
Copy Constructors, Assignment Operators, and More
Counting MDI Children, Browsing for Folders
Dialog Templates, RegexTest
Disabling Print Screen, Calling Derived Destructors, and More
Enum Declarations, Template Function Specialization
Form Validation with Regular Expressions in MFC
Generic Programming Under .NET
Generic Programming: Template Specialization
Hello, C++/CLI
Installing a Hook, Strings in Managed C++, and More
Layered Windows, Blending Images
Making Static Links Keyboard-Capable, Launching URLs from Your App
Persisting View State Update, Using Managed Extensions in a DLL
Power Your App with the Programming Model and Compiler Optimizations of Visual C++
Reflecting on Generic Types
Unreferenced Parameters, Adding Task Bar Commands, and More
Wrappers: Use Our ManWrap Library to Get the Best of .NET in Native C++ Code -- MSDN Magazine, April 2005
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