How to: Customize the Where Do My Searches Go Link [Search Server 2008]

By default, the search results page includes an instance of the Federated Results Web Part that returns results from Live Search. The default version of the Search Center query page (default.aspx) contains an instance of the Content Editor Web Part that includes a "Where do my searches go?" link. This link opens a page that informs users that their searches are sent to Live Search unless the administrator chooses to change this behavior.

This text may not be appropriate for your scenario. You may have removed Live Search, or you may have a better use for this space. If this is the case, you might want to delete or customize this link.

This Web Part could, for example, include explanatory text, or it could contain a link to a different page or pop-up window that contains search tips and information that is customized for the site. Additionally, you might want to consider using the Content Editor Web Part here or anywhere in the search user interface for various reasons: explaining search query syntax, providing federation hints (for example, important triggers), and displaying news and updates about new search functionality.

To customize the "Where do my searches go?" link

  1. With the Search Center page open in your browser, click Site Actions, and then click Edit Page Content.

  2. After the page opens in edit mode, click the drop-down arrow for the Information Links Web Part to open the Web Part menu. To delete the Web Part, click Delete. To edit the Web Part, click Modify Shared Web Part to open the Content Editor Web Part pane.

  3. To enter formatted text and graphics, click Rich Text Editor. To enter HTML source code, click Source Editor. For example, to create a link to a pop-up window, include HTML like the following:

    <a href="URL" onclick="'URL','popup','height=250,width=350,scrollbars=no'); return(false);"> link text</a>
  4. Click OK or Apply to save the changes to the Web Part. Any text and links that you add appear under the Search Box at the top of the page.

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