Optimizing Performance for BizTalk Server

The overall performance of a BizTalk solution is affected by many factors including the following:

  • Number of trading partners (now and in the future)

  • Types of messages being processed (flat file, XML)

  • Amount of document transformation (mapping) being performed during document processing.

  • Size of messages being processed

  • Adapters and/or accelerators that will be used

  • Message tracking requirements

  • Major features of BizTalk Server that will be used, including the following:

    • Messaging Engine

    • Orchestrations

    • Human Workflow Services (HWS)

    • Business Rules Engine (BRE)

    • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

    • Business Activity Services (BAS)

This section describes how to test and scale your BizTalk Server system so you have optimal performance.